Preschool Program
The Preschool Years at Hunger Mountain

Children ages 3-5 are growing rapidly, bothGirl_snow_300
physically and intellectually. HMCC’s program for these children seek to offer children across this broad age range with opportunities to learn with their peers and learn from older children.  The Preschool classrooms are divided into two groups by age.  Each group has its own group time and shares activity center time and free choice time with the other groups.

Explorers – Young preschoolers, age 3 by September 1 to 4 years old.  Up to 15 children may be in this classroom with 2 full-time teachers.

Forrest Critters – Preschoolers age 4 by September 1 to 5 years old.  Up to 12 children may be in this classroom with 2 full-time teachers.

Preschool Philosophy

Children have individual needs that can be creatively met.
Children must feel safe and secure in their environment. They should feel invited to grow and develop their skills at their own pace.  Hands-on experiences and visual aides offer children ways to absorb information about their environment.  Children should receive guidance and support throughout the day

Daily Activities
  • Small-group projects: art, cooking, science, etc.
  • Whole group activities including field trips
  • Outdoor play with group games
  • Free play: manipulatives, playdough, craft, etc.
  • An appreciation of the arts, our natural environment, reading and an awareness of self and others

Classroom Goal

To have an environment that encourages creativity, independence responsibility and positive social growth.