About Us

Welcome to Hunger Mountain Children’s Center!

Hunger Mountain Children’s Center has been a licensed childcare program since 1978. We are a non-profit organization with a board of directors comprised of parents, community members and highly qualified staff. We serve maximum of 65 children a day.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality childcare in a nurturing and safe environment where children have endless opportunities to explore their world.

Our Philosophy
  • Provide an accepting and affirming community that is inclusive, bias-free and honors the diverse values and cultures of all
  • Children deserve to be treated and respected as individuals
  • Children have individual needs that can be met creatively
  • The environment must allow for hands-on experiences while encouraging children to feel safe and loved
  • Children learn through exploration and it is essential to provide them with unique experiences that present a variety of learning opportunities
  • Children should be encouraged to experiment with each activity, build their confidence, use their imaginations and expand their curiosity
  • A teacher’s role is to be a nurturing, respectful companion who supports a child as he or she develops at an individual pace
  • A successful learning environment invites children of all origins to play together, learn from each other and develop their skills in an unhurried manner
  • Teaching children to make good choices involves discipline and problem-solving, not corporal punishment
  • Family is the root of a child’s well-being